Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TBA Tuesday: The Summer of Kittens 2009

Here they are for your giggling pleasure . . . The kittens of summer '09!

Anyone who has visited our house this summer knows that we've had a summer full of kittens so here for you to view, the cutest poses of the summer so far.

These kittens have been raised underfoot, with love, reiki, communication and compassion. They have experienced young children, loud music, a couple of parties, streams, and a rainforest. They come from a line of amazing forest cats, all fed high quality holistic and grain free food. Fully litter trained and even trained to only "go" outside. You will not find more well rounded kittens anywhere (In my opinion).

So, feel free to ooh and aah as you please, no one will judge you here.

CAUTION: These kitten photos WILL brighten anyone's mood . . . Grinches beware!

PS: Some of these guys are still looking for homes! If you're local and interested . . . let me know!

These two guys above are still looking for their own homes.

This guy and his brother below are hoping to go to the same home . . they are quite close.


These two boys (below) have already found an awesome home together.

The two cute girls below are also hoping to find a home together . . they are not from the same litter but are cousins, and have become really close.

All the rest of these kitties have found homes.


Jen said...

I'll take one of each, please! :)

EmptyKnits said...

So precious!

Kay said...

Love the cute kittens! How can anyone not smile at them?

DJ said...

I love the pic of the one in the fireplace.