Thursday, October 1, 2009

Natural Product Feature: Mountain Sky Soap!

There are many additives in most soaps, that my skin simply won't tolerate such as, propylene glycol, artificial perfumes or colouring, sodium lauryl sulphate, the list goes on, as I find new types of additives and preservatives that my skin can't handle.  If you are not informed about what these additives are, what they can do to your skin and body, or what products contain them, feel free to look up chemical soap additives on google, I'm sure there is plenty of information.  For me, I get headaches and serious skin rashes when exposed to certain chemicals found in many store brand soaps.

For these reasons and more I made the switch a while ago to natural soaps.  My definition of natural soaps may be more relaxed or strict than yours, so I will say that to me, a natural soap bar contains only natural or organic oils or butters, natural essential oils and maybe lye (sodium hydroxide) which is apparently, all used up by way of a "superfatting" process in soapmaking.
Other than that I expect to be able to naturally ingest and digest any other ingredients.  (Rose petals would be nice.)

There are some amazing sellers of natural and organic soap on the handmade selling venue Etsy:

However, I usually only buy one kind because, since moving to B.C. I have fallen in love with one particular brand of soap called Mountain Sky.

I love this brand of soap.  My favourite one is the Kali Spice, it is like a delicious chai tea late for your skin and I only wash my dreads with their rasta hemp bar  (It's smellin' with lemons and mint jah.)

I also have to admit that when I moved into my most recent place, a big selling feature for me was that this company's headquarters is just a ten minute drive away from me.  I haven't been yet but the next time I see a "soap ends sale" sign, I'm not going to be able to resist it!

They're always handing out little sample sized bars of their soaps in the area which I love.  How thrilled was I one day at the grocery store, when they handed my partner and I each a sample baggie of their new line of liquid soaps!  saponified oils and great smells!

Here's their website:

 Maybe you can ask your local store to stock this brand for you!

Now that I've lived in the beautiful Slocan Valley for myself, I can certainly understand why they named their company "Mountain Sky"  As I'm sure that's all they can see when they look out from their hilltop vantage point!  Mountain. Sky.


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Great feature!!

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very interesting post-the soap bars looks amazing!you should try Abahna too, the products are just gorgeous