Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ecology vs. Economy - Our Oceans Are Turning Into Plastic Soup!

I watched a movie about plastic.

I wanted to share it with you, it's called "Addicted to Plastic"

This movie will open your eyes to a tragic devastation that is happening in our world's oceans.

Our most precious bodies of water, are turning into a veritable slurry of highly toxified pieces of plastic.

One example from the movie surveyed a remote area far off coast.  After skimming the area, they found that there was more plastic per square meter than the plants and small organisms which most ocean wildlife rely on for food.

I thought humans were the only ones eating plastic regularly!  Now we're pushing it into the Oceans?  Not only do whales eat this stuff thinking that it's plankton, much of the ocean fish you find on your dinner plate may be toxified with chemicals absorbed by these bits of plastic being eaten in lieu of natural food.

Watch it!

(Click on the poster above to visit Bullfrog Films' Blog)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Natural Product Feature: Mountain Sky Soap!

There are many additives in most soaps, that my skin simply won't tolerate such as, propylene glycol, artificial perfumes or colouring, sodium lauryl sulphate, the list goes on, as I find new types of additives and preservatives that my skin can't handle.  If you are not informed about what these additives are, what they can do to your skin and body, or what products contain them, feel free to look up chemical soap additives on google, I'm sure there is plenty of information.  For me, I get headaches and serious skin rashes when exposed to certain chemicals found in many store brand soaps.

For these reasons and more I made the switch a while ago to natural soaps.  My definition of natural soaps may be more relaxed or strict than yours, so I will say that to me, a natural soap bar contains only natural or organic oils or butters, natural essential oils and maybe lye (sodium hydroxide) which is apparently, all used up by way of a "superfatting" process in soapmaking.
Other than that I expect to be able to naturally ingest and digest any other ingredients.  (Rose petals would be nice.)

There are some amazing sellers of natural and organic soap on the handmade selling venue Etsy:

However, I usually only buy one kind because, since moving to B.C. I have fallen in love with one particular brand of soap called Mountain Sky.

I love this brand of soap.  My favourite one is the Kali Spice, it is like a delicious chai tea late for your skin and I only wash my dreads with their rasta hemp bar  (It's smellin' with lemons and mint jah.)

I also have to admit that when I moved into my most recent place, a big selling feature for me was that this company's headquarters is just a ten minute drive away from me.  I haven't been yet but the next time I see a "soap ends sale" sign, I'm not going to be able to resist it!

They're always handing out little sample sized bars of their soaps in the area which I love.  How thrilled was I one day at the grocery store, when they handed my partner and I each a sample baggie of their new line of liquid soaps!  saponified oils and great smells!

Here's their website:

 Maybe you can ask your local store to stock this brand for you!

Now that I've lived in the beautiful Slocan Valley for myself, I can certainly understand why they named their company "Mountain Sky"  As I'm sure that's all they can see when they look out from their hilltop vantage point!  Mountain. Sky.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LHG Updates - Needle Felting and More

Here I am attempting to get our blog in shape, and that would be this week's first update. Blog, check. Secondly, to mention that I've been re-stocking our etsy shop up slowly every day, and we have some cute new offerings, and exciting ideas up and coming.

Needle felting for one thing. Jeremy and I attended an amazing needle felting workshop at Nelson's waldorf school supply store, Maplerose. We had SO much fun and I became instantly addicted to the new craft, hence, our new line of randomly created one of a kind needle felted curios was born. Just in time for fall!

Around here, we have been preparing gift paper for wrapping holiday orders, and making wonderful painted works of art! (Maybe some photos next week) Jeremy and I have been working on getting enough work together to do a show locally, which would be really fun.

On Etsy, I've been really adding a lot and updating the shop, as well as thinking about joining a team. Maybe the new eco menstruation team . . .

Well, I'm off to clear my sewing space and get started on getting a little bit of inventory together.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TBA Tuesday: The Summer of Kittens 2009

Here they are for your giggling pleasure . . . The kittens of summer '09!

Anyone who has visited our house this summer knows that we've had a summer full of kittens so here for you to view, the cutest poses of the summer so far.

These kittens have been raised underfoot, with love, reiki, communication and compassion. They have experienced young children, loud music, a couple of parties, streams, and a rainforest. They come from a line of amazing forest cats, all fed high quality holistic and grain free food. Fully litter trained and even trained to only "go" outside. You will not find more well rounded kittens anywhere (In my opinion).

So, feel free to ooh and aah as you please, no one will judge you here.

CAUTION: These kitten photos WILL brighten anyone's mood . . . Grinches beware!

PS: Some of these guys are still looking for homes! If you're local and interested . . . let me know!

These two guys above are still looking for their own homes.

This guy and his brother below are hoping to go to the same home . . they are quite close.


These two boys (below) have already found an awesome home together.

The two cute girls below are also hoping to find a home together . . they are not from the same litter but are cousins, and have become really close.

All the rest of these kitties have found homes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Diva Cup Feature!

Yay! I ♥ my Diva Cup!
I have been using this product since 2002 and I will probably use it forever. It can be used in combination with other menstrual protection or stands well on it's own.

Before discovering the Diva Cup, I was often depressed to discover my period. The risk of getting TSS from using tampons seemed quite high as I often felt headachey the few times I did try them. That left me with disposable pads as an option for years which made me very sad because a) they are environmentally quite UN-friendly and b) SUPER uncomfortable . .not to mention say goodbye to swimming ( my favourite! ) for a week.

Now thanks to my diva cup, Moon days are the same as any other day, I just have to find a private bathroom at least every twelve hours in order to clean and re-use my cup. The cups last up to 5 years, so for $40, that's an amazing value. Plus you will feel MUCH more free during your time of the month, I know I do! I encourage anyone thinking about this product to try it out, you won't regret it . . . and I'll give you this advice, given to me by a complete stranger on the day I purchased my first diva cup, "It might be messy the first time, but you'll figure it out, and you'll be glad!"

Anyone with any other questions can feel free to send me an email at

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cat Skool For All The City Cats

While playing with her mousie, Gema and I decided to make a video series all about how to be a country cat, through lessons teaching all the city cats that we have in our family.
Here for your consideration is Lesson One: The dramatic Kill . . .

Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Waterfalls and Nick Drake

I recently filmed and edited this lovely video and posted it to You Tube.  The water is glacial spring water which is actually clean enough to drink!

Enjoy the water we are all dissolved in and dissolves in us, set to Nick Drake's, Sketch 1:

I feel very lucky to have access to fresh glacial fed spring water filtered through the rock of our mountain ancestors.
It bubbles, gurgles and splashes over and through layers of sediment and rock. Growing with negative ions, oxygen and minerals the entire way. I capture it, and I meet vibration with the essence of it. Water teaches me, and I embody it. We are one long before I can imbibe of it's wonder.

It is the freshest tastiest water I have ever enjoyed, and BC has got to be one of the last places in Canada where you can drink straight from a spring without filtering the water.

Blessings to the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules which form in such a way as to sustain all life and to the eternal universal fire within each of us from which this all has been created.

ohm mani padme hum